HT series of planting power source with high frequency switch produced by Zhejiang Province Dongyang City Haitian Electric Appliances Factory can be used in baths of different materials such as gold, silver, cadmium, copper, zinc, etc. In all directions, it has unique characteristics compared with traditional rectifier: (1) The electrical source has small volume, small weight, high efficiency, high control precision. (2) The output current is pulse current with square wave and high frequency, to increase the speed of plating and further the current intension of dead angle, making each plating layer of all the plated matters' parts have a consistent evenness, the surface of plated matters is minute and had high brightness.(3) The input voltage and current can be adjusted, the limiting voltage and current can be adjusted, advance the using agility of users greatly, and it has a long-distance operation function. (4) It has complete protection functions, protect input over volume, output over heat and current, and also has alarming function. (5)It has a high power factor, less pollution to electrified wire netting, noninterference. (6) It uses the measure of anti- hydrochloric, increases the useful life of electrical source in a foul environment. Other parameters are compared as follows:
1. Compare silicon controlled rectifier with planting power source with high frequency (1000A12V) transformer


Volume heavy 95kg

Volume light 1kg

Control element

Controlled silicon SCR


Control mode

Move and touch off

PWM concocting

Working frequency



Ripple coefficient



Coefficient of voltae stabilization



Cooling method

Cold oil/ cold wind

Cold wind

Overall efficiency



Interference to electrified wire netting

Big, hard to be eliminated

Small, easy to be eliminated

Energy saving effect


Save energy for 20%-50%


Big (900*1010*550)mm

Small (530*450*220)




Operating limitation

Can't be operated in full burthen

Can be operated in full burthen

1,Output: voltage 0-24V current 0-50000A (general) 0-30A (test)
voltage 0-100V current 0-200A (electrophoresis)
2,Can be ordered as the need of clients.
B,Saving money is fast than profiting ( examples of saving energy)
The efficiency of high frequency switching supply is bigger than 90%, but the efficiency of silicon rectifier is 55%, the efficiency of controlled silicon rectifier is 70%. Taking electrical power of 1000A12V for example, working 10 hours everyday, there has 350 working days every year, each degree of industry electricity costs 0.90yuan, so we can save 10000-26000yuan every year. Silicon rectifier: 12kw. /0.7*3500*0.9=54000yuan; high frequency switch supply: 12kw. /0.9*3500*0.9=42000yuan. which can reduce the technical costs for users.
C,Excellent after service
1,Guarantee to keep in good repair for one year after sale.
2,During the time of keeping repaired, if the material, parts or technical aspects of switching supply affect the normal use, our factory will collocate products in the same style and function according to the situation.
3,If you can't install and operate the electrical source after carefully reading the specification, we can send technical personnel to install for you.
4,After the repairing period, our factory only take the cost of the replacing parts, service for whole life.
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